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Just beautifull...

Here's to all the people who say all clock animations suck:
Clock animations arn't always bad! Take this one for example!!! THIS IS THE BEST ONE YET (besides battle of the portal, but that wasn't really a clock animation, more just a mix of different ones).
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY CLOCK DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry dude, but if you havn't noticed, most of the the people who are on newgrounds are striaght guys. Most striaght guys would like to be warned before they see the gross shit you put in this game.

Just aweseome, Knox!

This is the best movie I have seen all week. Please do a parody on the third and final movie! That would be awesome! I graded according to this scale:

GRAPHICS 10: A very high grade because of very high quality. You worked day and night on this, and it was very long. For that, you get 10.
SOUND 10: The best voice-overs I've ever seen you do. I am a fan of all your work, but this is the best, with the repeat of that screen-saver joke.
INTERACTIVITY 0: This is not a game. Don't expect an interactivity grade, unless you put those easter eggs in there. Of course, movies like this are better without them.
STYLE 10: You are without doubt the best parody maker of all time. You've done parodies of Resident Evil and Matrix, and nobody make them as good as you.
VIOLENCE 6: The somewhat small number from no blood. Well, that's not your fault, really. I mean, I can go without blood-splattering violence, but in this case... well, it would have been kinda cool, you know?
HUMOR 10: Hilarious. You had me laughing until the very end, which was, of course, after a saw it twice. lol... Never give up your talent.

OVERALL 10: A combination of all the greatest things you can do, Knox. It left me uhh... almost... speechless. okay, not nearly speechless. But that's a good thing!

Knox responds:

hehe to graphics:these are harder to make than most people think they are.
sound:hehe...time for a screen saver upgrade! hahaha
skiping to style:i wouldnt call these parodys,since it has nothing to do with the original story or anything..i give most of them different names and everthing,but thanks!
humor:hehe i love throwing alot of jokes in,so people can find new oens the 2nd or 3rd time they watch my work :D

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I beat it on Extreme!!!



-- That is my saved game! I got all my stats to the MAX and now you can play the game like me! I have full health, and all my inventory is filled with those neat little throwing daggers!

P.S. I really like the soundtrack! Looks like the author ripped some songs off of DDR!!!

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Check the URL

This flash did not work. I saw the link at the bottom, but then I was re-directed to some non-existing web-site. Check the URL, or else nobody will be able to play this game.
P.S. Sorry for the really bad grades, I didn't get to see the game because the browser screwed up. Sorry.

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You really know how to use Swift 3D, huh? If you could like e-mail the swift file to me or somethin that would be soooo sweet! I'd be able to look at it in realtime and -- not to metion -- I'd be able to render the images!!! Please send it to me!!!!!


I am a big fan of your works so please respond!!!

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Remember me???

Remember? I made the two Wonderland 3D's, and I want to use this song for my next game. I was wondering if you could make a custom version of this song for me, and if you could, I want to skip the begining, and go straight to the guitar breakdown. If you could do that for me, that would be awesome!
If not, I'll try to do it myself, but first tell me whether or not you could do that for me.
James (potbellybob@yahoo.com)

What the heck is Clarity?

I really like this. If you tooks out those drums in the begining, and took out the asian-sounding strings tward the middle, I would definately use it in my flash.

Linux is overrated. I should know. I installed Fedora Core with a bunch of apps for file editing, media playing, etc. They are nowhere to be found.

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