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Just beautifull...

Here's to all the people who say all clock animations suck:
Clock animations arn't always bad! Take this one for example!!! THIS IS THE BEST ONE YET (besides battle of the portal, but that wasn't really a clock animation, more just a mix of different ones).
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY CLOCK DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry dude, but if you havn't noticed, most of the the people who are on newgrounds are striaght guys. Most striaght guys would like to be warned before they see the gross shit you put in this game.

Just aweseome, Knox!

This is the best movie I have seen all week. Please do a parody on the third and final movie! That would be awesome! I graded according to this scale:

GRAPHICS 10: A very high grade because of very high quality. You worked day and night on this, and it was very long. For that, you get 10.
SOUND 10: The best voice-overs I've ever seen you do. I am a fan of all your work, but this is the best, with the repeat of that screen-saver joke.
INTERACTIVITY 0: This is not a game. Don't expect an interactivity grade, unless you put those easter eggs in there. Of course, movies like this are better without them.
STYLE 10: You are without doubt the best parody maker of all time. You've done parodies of Resident Evil and Matrix, and nobody make them as good as you.
VIOLENCE 6: The somewhat small number from no blood. Well, that's not your fault, really. I mean, I can go without blood-splattering violence, but in this case... well, it would have been kinda cool, you know?
HUMOR 10: Hilarious. You had me laughing until the very end, which was, of course, after a saw it twice. lol... Never give up your talent.

OVERALL 10: A combination of all the greatest things you can do, Knox. It left me uhh... almost... speechless. okay, not nearly speechless. But that's a good thing!

Knox responds:

hehe to graphics:these are harder to make than most people think they are.
sound:hehe...time for a screen saver upgrade! hahaha
skiping to style:i wouldnt call these parodys,since it has nothing to do with the original story or anything..i give most of them different names and everthing,but thanks!
humor:hehe i love throwing alot of jokes in,so people can find new oens the 2nd or 3rd time they watch my work :D


That was too much, man... dang that was awesome!

GRAPHICS: Very sweet graphics... I was amazed. You are a very good artist.
STYLE: This movie just suddenly turned from Nick Jr. to MTV, man! That is what I call style.
SOUND: The music in the background really set the mood. First it was Barney music, then that whole boiling rage ended up in Hard Rock. Just plain awesome...
VIOLENCE: Uhhh... No real violence here... just a knife... but oh well, the sequal will have plenty of that, heh heh...
HUMOR: Three words: FUNNY AS HELL! You couldn't have done any better! Other than that I am speechless.
OVERALL: Kind of slow-moving in the begining, but then POW like a fist at the end. Words cannot explain this phnominon (did I spell that right?). Oh, well. Can't wait to see more of your stuff!

P.S. You're going on my favorite author's list!

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Yeah, sometimes a parody is made because someone like a movie. Parodies don't come from hate.

GRAPHICS: You drew your own pictures, and animated them by yourself. For that, you diserve some major credit. It was also long.
STYLE: I only gave you an 8 for style because there have been more Matrix parodies than I can count, but you made your parody almost exactly like the movie, with frame2frame animation. An 8's hight enought right?
SOUND: No subtitles, just voices. You did perfect. I had alot of fun just listening to the voices. Good job!
VIOLENCE: Yeah, the punching and kicking in the begining was cool, but there wasn't any blood. You get half credit for that.
INTERACTIVITY: This isn't a game. I would expect no interactivity.
HUMOR: These arn't cheesy knock knock jokes we're talking about... except one... but it was used at the perfect time, and everything else was funny. If you made a parody for the second movie, I would definatly review.
OVERALL: You had a little bit of everything, and a lot of good, wholesome (well, anyway it was funny) flash. You're going on my favorite authors' list.

P.S.)Damn that's alot of writing!!!

So... YOU like EvilDog's music, too?

Yeah, I used alot of his music in my games. He is by far the greatest musical artist, and you my friend are by far one of the best flash artists I have seen. Thank you so much for showing me this, and DON'T MESS WITH DA MAFIA!!!

P.S. I didn't understand how he could be dead in his chair if they were in the elevator. Anyway, respond if you can.

SketchMichaels responds:

I will gladly respond. :)

Evil-Dog has some great stuff, man. Really mood-inspiring.

In a nutshell, Baxter is a shady exec. who's stepped on some people to get where he's at. A true capitalist, he spent his whole life accumulating physical wealth, but never took care of his heart.

The controversy is in the dialogue between Charon; the entering and exiting on the elevator is a sign that he's being taken away by death. The secretary (in the bathroom) didn't hear them arguing, only the gunshot.

The whole thing was that he was being taken away (to hell). It was a result of him killing himself for not finding a deeper purpose after all those years.

Hope that clears it up (and sorry if this is spoiling it for anyone). Thanks for the awesome review!

Pretty sweet!

Dude, that was awesome! You have to make a sequal of this! Here are some pointers:

GRAHPICS: This movie was so long, graphics didn't matter that much. Very good frame2frame animation.
SOUND: You had sounds for every aspect of the movie, just as in real life, everything has it's own sound!
INTERACTIVITY: This is a movie. Not a game.
STYLE: The whole war between man and machine isn't very origional, but it's the way the author tells the whole plot is what makes this movie very origional.
VIOLENCE: Nice and bloody, just the way I like it. Those mana beams from the machines where pretty sweet-lookin'.
HUMOR: This isn't a funny movie, but who cares? It has graphics, a story, a plot, violence... everything flash needs!
OVERALL: Awesome job, dude. Make more and keep goin'!!!

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Dude, you HAVE to make a series of this! It's friggen awesome! Really funny too. In the next episode, show that web-site the guy was making and make it look like shit! That would be awesome! And put like -- porno on it and stuff ... lol just kidding! Whatever suits you, dawg!

LusikkaMage responds:

Dude I was totally going to do that. Have random logos from diff. sites and pr0n ads. XD

Very unique... Amazing...

It takes a very gifted person to be able to give inanimate objects feelings. Your unique talent allows you to make flash without worrying about it being blammed. Many cannot grasp that effect in their movies. That is why, I think, that movies get blammed. This gave me a feeling inside... Either the sad look on the flash's face, or the music in the background, or it was because I was hungry, but your flash really brings out a feeling of lonelyness.
For that, I give you a 10.

JoeandTom responds:

strong words bob :D thank you
lol, im thinkin it was your stomach :\ nah just kidding... Maybe it was both. Cause the music (if you listen to the full real thing and if you love music like .. me.. heh) the music is mellow, and saddening too, but yeah

Thanks for the review mate! :D


Awesome movie, bad resolution. I think you should make the size a bit smaller, so that it isn't so hard to look at. Hey -- how old are you and Cody? I thought you guys did a great job! Hope to see more of your stuff, mane. w00t 5!

ColinMatthews responds:

thank you, codys 11 and im turning 14 on dec. 6th (this saturday). theres a new one comeing out soon, i think

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